Waste management

During the operation of Slovenské elektrárne plants, all types of waste are generated, which are divided into hazardous (e.g. oils, chemicals), others (e.g. municipal waste, ash, paper) and radioactive (liquid and solid).

Waste produced in Slovenské elektrárne is either disposed of in its own landfills and sludge beds, contractually transported to landfills of other entities, or recovered by contractual partners in waste recovery facilities.

Hazardous waste (kt)
Other waste (kt)


Part of the technological waste – ash, slag, energogypsum from desulphurisation and sludge from chemical treatment of water, which meet the conditions of the Waste Act, are classified as a by-product, not waste. By-products taken by external customers are used mainly for:

  • production of construction products (concrete, cement, aerated concrete, brick products)
  • filling of excavated mining areas
  • production of gypsum boards (gypsum, cements)
  • regulation of soil acidity

In addition to by-products, iron scrap, scrap from non-ferrous metals, paper, construction waste, waste oils, lead, nickel-cadmium batteries etc. are mainly recovered.