Training for performance of work at SE MO34 construction site and in sectors 1-2 at EMO/EBO

Entry and periodical training for performance of work at SE MO34 construction site (sectors 1-6) as well as in sectors 1-2 at EBO/EMO.

Training is provided by external training company KONTROLSPOL, s.r.o.

  • The authorized employee of contractor shall fill the request for training (download here) and send this file (not a scanned copy) to the training company in to the e-mail address In return, authorized employee obtains training participant´s login and password to enter the application
  • Training into premises of SE MO34 as well as to sectors 1-2 of EBO/EMO consists of online study and final exam available in application After completion of all study lessons and successful completion of final exam (30 questions / at least 80% correct answers) application generates a certificate (in .pdf format) of  general competence for entry, safe movement, stay, and performance of work in premises of SE MO34, and sectors 1-2 of EBO/EMO.
  • This certificate shall be e-mailed to authorized person of supplier who then sends the certificate for registration to all below mentioned e-mail addresses:
  • The certificate is a basic precondition for gaining of access into SE MO34 premises, as well as to sectors 1-2 of EMO/EBO. After registration of the certificate each worker is obliged to physically visit entry issuance workplace in administrative zone - building KII, where he/she receives new ID card or extend validity of existing one.