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Distinguished speakers joined us at the Energy Summer School 2016:

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  • Ľubomíra ADLEROVÁ

Ľubomíra AdlerováĽubomíra Adlerová has been working for Rosatom since 2013. Currently, she holds the position of an analyst.

Before that she worked for Bratislava district heating company Bratislavská teplárenská and for insurance company Allianz.

She also worked for the state administration and the Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

She graduated in international economic relations and trade from the University of Economics in Bratislava.

  • Ada ÁMON

Ada ÁmonAda Ámon is a senior associate in the E3G Berlin office.

She was previously advising the Hungarian government and green European parliament deputies on environmental policy and energy legislation.

Between 1998 and 2015 she was a director of the Budapest-based Energiaklub.

She helped to establish the Hungarian Energy Efficiency Institute and she also worked for the International Institute for Energy Conservation and for the CEE Bankwatch.

  • Andrzej ANCYGIER

Andrzej AncygierAndrzej Ancygier is an energy policy expert in the Climate Analytics in Berlin, specializing in the European climate policy, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

He obtained his doctorate in political science from the Freie Universität in Berlin. Before that he worked as a research fellow in the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin and since 2011, he has been teaching in the New York University and Freie Universität in Berlin.



Kornél Andzsans-BaloghBefore joining IP Systems Ltd, Kornél Andzsans-Balogh worked in the Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research (REKK) at the Corvinus University in Budapest for six years.

He was concentrating on electricity and natural gas market and on regulatory policy developments in Central and Eastern Europe.

He also analyzed the natural gas portfolios of wholesale suppliers, security of the supply and completed a study on energy efficiency in Latvia.

  • Mitchell BELFER

Mitchell BelferMitchell Belfer is the president of the Euro-Gulf Information Centre, head of the International Relations and European Studies Department and editor in chief of the Central European Journal of International and Security Studies in the Metropolitan University Prague in the Czech Republic.

He holds a PhD and MPA in international relations and his academic interests include alliance theory, energy security and general security-related issues.


  • Ákos BEÖTHY

Ákos BeöthyÁkos Beöthy holds a master´s degree in economics and international relations.

Previously, he worked as Deputy Head of Foreign Desk for the business daily Világgazdaság.

As a winner of the Alfred Friendly Press Fellowship, he spent 6 months in the USA reporting for The Philadelphia Inquirer in 2008.

He joined the Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research in 2014, where he focuses on projects related to gas, electricity and district heating.


Artur BobovnickýArtur Bobovnický is a Director of Innovations at the Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency, responsible for the support of innovative solutions and international cooperation.

Previously, he was a Commercial Director at Ševt and Kon-Rad and a managing partner at IMP Consulting.

Before that, he was a managing director of the national investment promotion agency SARIO and EuroTel Bratislava.

  • Juraj CARÁNEK

Juraj CaránekJuraj Caránek has been working in marketing, PR and communication for 15 years as a strategist in the leading Slovak PR consultancy, SEESAME Communication Experts.

Having worked on various international projects, last year he edited the analysis of the Case Book of Smart City Projects in Slovakia.

He graduated in marketing from the Comenius University in Bratislava. His fields of expertise include energy, technology and infrastructure.

  • Maria CARVALHO

Maria CarvalhoMaria Carvalho works in the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change & Environment (GRI), focusing on energy and climate policies of the EU and North America.

Maria completed her PhD at the London School of Economics.

Before that she worked for New Energy Finance in the Carbon Markets team and consulted for the World Bank, the Overseas Development Institute and the UN Commission on Trade and Development.

  • John CLARK

John ClarkJohn Clark is the director of the construction project of Units 3&4 at the Nuclear Power Plant in Mochovce.

Previously, he held the position of Senior Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer at Enel Russia.

He started his career at Alcan Aluminium and then he was Director of Asset Management at Entergy. He studied engineering at the University of Newcastle and completed the Princeton University Programme in Management Energy Risk.

  • Kornél CZINEGE

Kornél CzinegeKornél Czinege is the Chief Commercial Officer and Deputy CEO of MVM Partner Ltd.

He has been working in various management and expert positons in the areas of electricity procurement, trade, distribution and retail gas supply for more than twenty years. For 5 year he was the Head of Energy Procurement at E.ON Hungária.

He graduated from the University of Pécs, and holds an MBA from Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

  • Alexander DULEBA

Alexander DulebaAlexander Duleba is a director of the Research Centre of the Slovak Foreign Policy Association.

He obtained his PhD from the Slovak Academy of Sciences in 1998.

Between 1993 and 1995, he worked as an analyst in the Slovak Institute for International Studies at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic.

Since May 2010, he has been also a lecturer in the Institute of Political Science of the Prešov University.

  • Martin EHL

Martin EhlMartin Ehl has been the chief international editor of Czech economic daily Hospodářské noviny since 2006.

He is also a co-editor of the Visegrad Insight magazine and author of several books.

His regular column on Central Europe in the internet magazine Transitions Online was awarded the “Writing for Central Europe” prize in 2012.

He covers economic and business development of Central Europe, security policy and transatlantic relations.

  • Orsolya FÜLÖP

Orsolya FülöpOrsolya Fülöp graduated from the Corvinus University in Budapest. She is a policy director in the Energiaklub, focusing on energy efficiency potential of residential buildings in Hungary.

She has contributed to several local energy strategies and Sustainable Energy Action Plans and has led research projects on fuel poverty in Hungary.

In the past she worked as an economic analyst for the Hungarian Energy Office.


  • Veronika GALEKOVÁ

Veronika GalekováVeronika Galeková holds a master’s degree in hydrogeology and engineering geology from Comenius University in Bratislava.

Together with her husband Karol Galek, a member of the Slovak Parliament, she is a co-founder and director of the Slovak Association of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Industry (SAPI) and owner of the GENERM company.

Her area of expertise includes photovoltaic industry and renewable sources of energy.

  • Maciej HACAGA

Maciej HacagaMaciej Hacaga is a research assistant in the Institute for Security, Energy and Climate Studies in Warsaw.

His core academic interests include intersection of security, analysis of energy market and climate policy. He has published academic papers and media commentaries in Europe and in the USA.

He received academic degrees from the London School of Economics, University of Vienna and University of Warsaw.

  • Vladimir HAUS

Vladimír HausVladimír Haus graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Bratislava

He has been working in the automotive industry for 24 years, of which 5 he devoted to electric vehicles. He is currently the sales director in Auto-Impex where he introduced a pilot project of certified EV dealer for Nissan vehicles in Slovakia.

He is also active in the automotive industry education and is involved in the Green Wheels project.


Jitka HolubcováJitka Holubcová graduated from the College of Europe. Since 2008, she has been working at the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs covering the EU energy policy, gas market integration and regional diversification efforts.

Since 2013, she has been working as an energy security analyst of the Czech energy security and as an Aide to the Ambassador-at-Large for Energy Security.

Since 2015, she has been also a lecturer at the Charles University in Prague.

  • Juraj CHREN

Juraj ChrenJuraj Chren studied at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Comenius University in Bratislava and also holds an MBA from Old Dominion University in the United States.

In the US, he worked in the financial and banking sector.

He works at Slovenské elektrárne since 2006.

Firstly, he was responsible for Strategy and Planning, currently he holds the position of the Energy Management Director.

  • Tomáš JARABÁK

Tomáš JarabákTomáš Jarabák is a lecturer of the Slovak Debate Association. He is in charge of development of the high-school debate programme.

He has been lecturing at various seminars on critical thinking and argumentation skills.

He has been debating for six years and was among the finalists in the most prestigious Czechoslovak university debating competition and among the quarter-finalists in the international Eurasian Schools Debating Competition.

  • Michal KEIM

Michal KeimMichal Keim graduated in history from the Comenius University Bratislava.

Since 2010 he has been working for Outward Bound (OB) Slovakia as an instructor and rock climbing instructor.

In 2012, he also worked with youth for Outward Bound Hong Kong and since 2013 he is the Chairman of the Board and safety manager of OB Slovakia.

Since 2015, he has been teaching history at a high school in Bratislava.


Ádám KobrizsaÁdám Kobrizsa is one of the founders of Mindspace Nonprofit Ltd, working in the field of smart city and non-formal education.

Its projects include the Smart City Budapest initiative, Danube Flow – Danube Calling! or Budapest in 100 words.

Ádám is also a co-owner of Lumen Cafe and Bar which is an important cultural hub in Budapest.

He graduated as a civil engineer and worked in the field of regional water management.

  • Karol KÓSA

Karol KósaKarol Kósa holds a PhD from the Slovak University of Technology.

He is the Executive Director of the Division of Development at Slovenská elektrizačná prenosová sústava, a company responsible for electricity transmission in Slovakia.

He also works as lecturer at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology and is a member of System Development Committee under ENTSO-E association.

  • Tomáš KULDA

Tomáš KuldaTomáš Kulda is a project manager in the Prague Security Studies Institute.

He heads the PSSI’s Energy Security Program and is in charge of the Interagency Civilian-Military Training program.

His research interests include the EU energy security architecture, with an emphasis on the role of nuclear power in the European energy sector.

He graduated in European studies from the Charles University in Prague.

  • Martin KUMPAN

Martin KumpanMartin Kumpan has been working in the energy industry since 2005.

He worked in Slovenské elektrárne for eight years in various positions focusing on electricity sales.

In 2014, he became the executive director of SE Predaj, a subsidiary of Slovenské elektrárne, providing a wide range of energy services.


  • Marion LABATUT

Marion LabatutMarion Labatut has 9 years of experience in electricity markets economics and regulation.

She leads the Markets and Customers team at EURELECTRIC, managing the representation of the European electricity industry in the field of wholesale and retail markets and customer issues before the EU institutions.

Previously, she worked as an electricity markets analyst at EDF in Paris. She graduated from Sciences Po Paris in economics and international business.

  • Lukáš LEHOTSKÝ

Lukáš LehotskýLukáš Lehotský has been working as a Slovak Debate Association lecturer since 2006. Between 2010 and 2011 he was involved in the preparation of Slovak debaters for the World Schools Debating Championships.

Lukáš also works at the Faculty of Social Studies at the Masaryk University in Brno.

His main research topics include relations between Russia and Ukraine in the field of supply and transit of natural gas, and energy security of Slovakia.

  • Péter MAGYARI

Péter MagyariPéter Magyari is a journalist working for online portal 444.hu. He is covering political and energy topics.

Previously he worked for various online and print media, covering political and economic topics such as corruption, the EU and Hungary, energy trade and human rights.

Péter Magyari holds an MA in history and communication.

He was awarded the Qualitative Journalism prize in 2006 and the Soma prize for investigative journalism in 2010.

  • Richard MENCZER

Richard MendzerRichard Menczer works as a Senior Consultant for the SEESAME Communication Experts.

He has extensive experience in the field of transport and logistics, finance, healthcare, energy and IT.

He also heads the agency’s media content team, developing tools and practice to raise media attention on selected issues.

He holds a master’s degree in political science and journalism from Comenius University in Bratislava.


Anna MichalkováAnna Michalková graduated from the Uppsala University in Sweden.

In SEESAME, she leads projects aimed at legislation and political environment for clients such as the Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Industry, Union or Slovalco.

In the past, Anna worked as a government affairs officer in the American Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia, at the Hague Centre for Strategic Studies in the Netherlands and in the Swedish IDEA institute.


Roman MłodkowskiRoman Młodkowski previously worked as a managing director and head of news at the business news channel TVN CNBC.

He was awarded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland for ‘strengthening Poland’s international position’ by spreading news about Poland on the CNBC network.

Before joining the Onet–RAS Poland Group as a managing director of the business and finance segment, he has also worked as a business consultant.

  • Andrej NOSKO

Andrej NoskoAndrej Nosko is a governance and policy debates unit manager in the Open Society Initiative for Europe. He is a member of the Energy Policy Research Group in Budapest.

Previously, he worked at the European Commission Directorate General for Justice, Freedom and Security.

He was a government advisor and lecturer and he is author of several papers on energy policies of Central European countries.

He holds a PhD from the CEU in Budapest.


Radoslaw Ossowski-BarbettiRadoslaw Ossowski-Barbetti is the first Head of the EIB Group Office in Slovakia.

He has over 15 years of experience in banking and financial institutions.

Previously, he worked as a senior officer in the EIB in the Credit Risk, Transaction, Monitoring and Restructuring departments.

He holds an MSc in Economics from the University of Lodz and an MSc in Finance and International Business from the Aarhus School of Business in Denmark.

  • Mariusz PASZANDA

Mariusz PaszandaMariusz Paszanda is at present the head of sales in Erste Energy Services.

Before that he worked as a business manager in Moravia Energo and a key account manager in the Czech branch of Slovenské elektrárne.

He completed his master´s degree in marketing and management at the Silesian University in Opava and Business Academy in Český Těšín.


Jakub PrzyborowiczJakub Przyborowicz is the co-ordinator of European Institutions’ Affairs in Central Europe Energy Partners (CEEP).

He is responsible for CEEP flagship projects at the European level, such as CEEP Energy Summit 29+1. He is also active in research, lobbying and management of relations with EU bodies.

Previously, he worked as an assistant to Polish members of the European Parliament.

He holds a master’s degree in law and public administration.

  • Dušan RANDUŠKA

Dušan RanduškaDušan Randuška holds a master´s degree from the University of Economics in Bratislava and an M.B.A. from Webster University in Vienna.

For 14 year he worked for Slovenský plynárenský priemysel, also in the position of Senior Vice-President.

Previously, he worked for OMV AG in Vienna. He has a wealth of experience in the operative management and international gas industry.

Currently, he is the CEO and a Board Member of MET Slovakia.

  • Peter ROBL

Peter RoblPeter Robl is a public affairs manager in Knauf Insulation. Since 2013, he has been concentrating on advocacy of energy efficiency of buildings in Slovakia.

Before that Peter worked as a sustainability manager for Holcim Slovakia in the Institute for Public Affairs and Partners for Democratic Change.

Peter graduated from the Comenius University and completed an Energy Passive House Design course.

  • Andrzej SIKORA

Andrzej SikoraAndrzej Sikora graduated from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow.

He previously worked in Huta Stalowa Wola, later in the BGZ Bank and in Sokolow S.A.

In 2002 he joined PKN ORLEN where he was in charge of overall optimization of the company's production assets.

He is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Drilling, Oil and Gas and he also leads the Institute of Energy Studies.

  • Łukasz SIWEK

Łukasz SiwekŁukasz Siwek graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology, and obtained his MSc. in Control and Computer Engineering.

For more than three years he worked as a technical specialist in the Polish Office of Technical Inspection.

Later on, he worked at the Swedish company Atlas Copco and as a Service Leader in Trane Inc.

Currently, he is a project manager responsible for energy services in the Polish branch of Slovenské elektrárne.

  • Július SKACH

Július SkachJúlius Skach works as a director of gas purchase and storage in Slovenský plynárenský priemysel (SPP).

He is in charge of long-term gas supply purchase contracts with Gazprom, export, storage management portfolio of SPP and trade agreements.

During the 2009 gas crisis, he was a member of the EU monitoring team and took an active part in solving the crisis.

  • Magdalena SKŁODOWSKA

Magdalena SkłodowskaMagdalena Skłodowska is a professional journalist with over 15 years of experience in the media.

She worked for major Polish business dailies – Rzeczpospolita and Puls Biznesu and published articles in Glamour, Polityka, National Geographic and others.

She worked as a spokesperson for the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Warsaw.

She graduated in international relations from the University of Warsaw.


Marie StracenskáMarie Stracenská graduated in journalism and art history from the Comenius University in Bratislava.

She is one of the pioneers of experiential learning in Slovakia. In the media, she is a news reporter and she also works as a media communication lecturer.

She has been working in the PR field for the past two years.

Since 1994, she has been working for Outward Bound Slovakia as an instructor and programme creator.

  • Branislav STRÝČEK

Branislav StrýčekBranislav Strýček is the market and regulatory director of Slovenské elektrárne and a Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Slovenské elektrárne since 2012.

Before that, he worked as the Chief Financial Officer of Slovenské elektrárne and of Liebert-Hiross, a division of Emerson in Slovakia and Italy.

He graduated from the Slovak University of Technology and from the London Business School and he is a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants in the UK.


Klára SutlovičováKlára Sutlovičová graduated from the Charles University in Prague and currently manages a climate and energy programme of Glopolis, a think-tank aimed at creating a more responsible economy, smarter energy policies and stable food markets.

She previously worked as a climate policy officer and director of the Centre for Transport and Energy and as a climate campaigner in the Czech Greenpeace.

She is a board member of the Czech Climate Coalition.

  • Miroslav ŠARIŠSKÝ

Miroslav ŠarišskýMiroslav Šarišský is a manager of external relations at Slovenské elektrárne.

He is in charge of the corporate communication, preparation of opinions on legislation, corporate responsibility and promotion of energy efficiency.

He co-founded the Fund for Transparent Slovakia and is a co-author of the “Rule of Law” concept.

Previously he worked in the Slovak National Bank, in the Slovak National Council and in the American Bar Association.

  • Martin ŠIK

Martin ŠikMartin Šik holds an MA from the CEU in Budapest.

In 2011, he joined the Energy Regulatory Office of the Czech Republic, working on projects such as the Czech-Slovak-Hungarian market coupling or the Czech-Polish gas interconnector.

Martin has also assisted the European Commission as a regulatory expert in evaluating grant proposals for the European infrastructure funding.


  • Marek TOMEŠ

Marek TomešMarek Tomeš is in charge of product development team of ZSE in the area of renewables, smart technologies and financial services.

His concentrates mainly on the implementation of mass acceptable products in the residential and SME sector.

He graduated from the University of Economics and previously worked in the banking sector and in the GfK research agency dealing with utilities and finance.


  • Péter Simon VARGHA

Péter Simon VarghaPéter Simon Vargha holds a master's degree in economics from the Central European University in Budapest.

He has been working for the MOL Group for 11 years, currently in the position of the chief economist.

His tasks include economic analysis of the macroeconomic environment and of global and regional energy markets.

He is also writing blogs at barrelperday.com and gurulohordo.blog.hu on energy and economics.

  • Martina VASS

Martina VassMartina Vass is an institutional affairs specialist in Slovenské elektrárne.

She earned her degrees from the University of Oxford and Reims University.

Before that she worked in the Slovak daily SME, as an external relations manager for the Slovak Atlantic Commission, in the international consultancy Aspiro, at the Atlantic Treaty Association in Brussels, at the Slovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in the Office of the President of the Slovak Republic.


  • Lívia VAŠÁKOVÁ

Lívia VašákováLívia Vašáková is an economic advisor in the European Commission Representation in Slovakia.

Previously she worked for the DG Energy at the European Commission.

She graduated from the University of Economics in Bratislava, from the Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Aix-en-Provence in France, and from the University of Ljubljana.

She has a PhD from the Europa-Kolleg in Hamburg.

  • Jan VESELÝ

Jan VeselýJan Veselý holds a master´s degree in computational mathematics and a PhD in metallurgy.

He has been working in the area of environmental engineering.

Currently, he is also a university lecturer and writes blogs on energy-related topics for online energy magazine oEnergetice.cz.



Martin VlachynskýMartin Vlachynský graduated in economic policy from the Masaryk University in Brno and obtained his master’s degree in management, economics and international relations from the University of Aberdeen.

His research includes economic policy, energy and natural resources, euro currency and the European Union.

At present, he also works in weekly Budiž Euro!.

He is an author of numerous analytical publications and articles.


Ewa Wolniewicz-WarskaEwa Wolniewicz-Warska previously worked in the IT Department of the Ministry of Finance and was in charge of sales in the biggest Polish ICT company.

At present, she is a country sales manager in Kapsch Telematic Services and is a member of the Council of the Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications.

She also works in the area of public procurement and implementation of IT solutions in public administration.

  • Veronika ZAPLETALOVÁ

Veronika ZapletalováVeronika Zapletalová is an assistant professor at the Masaryk University in Brno where she completed her PhD studies.

Between 2007 and 2009, Veronika worked in Eurocentrum Brno – Office of the Government of the Czech Republic.

She was involved in a number of government and academic research projects and her majors include external dimension of the EU energy policy, liberalization of the EU energy markets and Polish energy policy.


  • Jarosław ZIĘBIEC

Jarosław ZiębiecSince March 2014, Jarosław Ziębiec works in the TGE. He focuses on creation and development of the financial instruments market.

In the past, he worked for the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE), holding various positions.

Jarosław also worked as an advisor to the Management Board of the Polish Power Exchange and as a lecturer at the University of Gdansk.