Research and development

Research and developmentScience and research are an integral part of the activities of Slovenské elektrárne. The Company’s research focuses mainly on activities aimed at supporting increased nuclear safety, support for the completion of units 3 and 4 of the Mochovce nuclear power plant, improvement of operational parameters and assessment of the lifespan of the main components of nuclear power plants.

Other areas of interest are safety issues in the operation of nuclear power plants, maintaining the reliability of systems, components and structures, smart diagnostic systems, the storage and transport of spent fuel for further use, and with the same attention also protection of the environment.

Operational practice constantly requires new solutions, materials and procedures and we address this need through science and research activities. We cooperate with a range of partners, particularly Slovak technical universities and the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAV), suporting in this way science and research in Slovakia.

In cooperation with the Slovak Academy of Sciences, the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (STU BA) and other partners, we have established the National Competence Centre for research into new material, progressive technologies and the power industry. The project has received support amounting to 8 million euro from EU structural funds and was completed in 2015. Sixteen top experts from SE are actively involved in research at the Competence Centre.

Slovenské elektrárne has also established a subsidiary company Centrum pre vedu a výskum, s.r.o. (Science and Research Centre Ltd), which is currently implementing a project called Centre of Industrial Research on the Operational Lifetime of Selected Components of Power Generating Equipment. The project is partly funded from EU structural funds.

Our strong commitment to science and research leads us towards deeper cooperation on the international level (WANO – World Association of Nuclear Operators, Halden reactor project, SNETP – Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform, ENIQ – European Network for Inspection Qualification). The common objective of these international projects is to bring together financial and human capital to carry out projects that transcend national borders, to connect Slovak scientists with international teams and to recruit international experts into projects carried out in Slovakia.