PhotovoltaicsSlovenské elektrárne works on the development of renewable energy sources in accordance with the long-term aims of the Enel Group and global trends. The main focus is on:

Hydroelectric power – with the development of small hydro power plants. Dobsina III small hydro power plant with installed capacity of 0.25MW was commenced to commercial operation in January 2014. The third stage of the hydro power plant on the Dobsinsky brook will permit to save over 1 900 tonnes of CO2  per annum compared to coal-powered electricity generation.

Biomasswith its co-firing at Vojany and Novaky power plants. In 2014 total annual savings in CO2 emissions from Vojany plant amounted to 49,000 tonnes and to 8,500 tonnes at Novaky plant thanks to optimal co-firing of biomass from local sources and domestic brown coal in the fluidized-bed boiler FK1.

Photovoltaicwith two power plants at Mochovce and Vojany that have total installed capacity of 1.9 MW and operate successfully, saving at about  2,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.