Environmental burdens

Slovenské elektrárne, aware of the impacts of its past activities on the surrounding environment, takes a permanent and responsible approach to environmental protection. They have long been dealing with the issue of environmental burdens, especially in the localities of the Nováky and Vojany thermal power plants.

In 2019, within the issue of environmental burdens, the attention was paid mainly to following activities:

Temporary sludge bed, Nováky Power Plant

In this locality the rock environment and groundwater are polluted by arsenic. To prevent the inflow of polluted water from the sludge pond into the Chalmová spa, a reaction barrier was built between the spa and the sludge bed. In the barrier the contaminants are trapped in reaction baskets and the purified water continues to flow. Already in 2016, part of the barrier was built as a pilot experiment, the results of which confirmed up to 96 percent effectiveness of this remediation method. In 2019, a reaction barrier with a total length of 210 m was built between the spa and the sludge bed, which prevents the flow of pollutants at the entire contact area of the sludge pond and the spa. In the next period, the effectiveness of remediation will be monitored.

Zemiansky potok (stream), Nováky Power Plant

The burden was identified very close to the Nováky Power Plant (ENO) area. It was originated in the period of the previous sludge bed accident in 1965. A detailed survey of the locality has proven an environmental risk. An ex-situ remediation was carried out in 2018. All polluted material was removed and stored at the designated place. The extraction procedure is captured in the attached video. In 2019, part of the remediation was also completed directly in the Nováky power plant area, leading to achievement of approved remediation target values. The site no longer poses an environmental risk after remediation. Remediation has significantly improved the environment in an already quite burdened area.

Slag-ash mixture sludge bed

In 2016 a detailed survey of the Slag-ash mix sludge-bed was carried out in EVO. A survey in the Vojany Power Plant (EVO) confirmed that the sludge bed is an environmental burden with the risk of polluting the surrounding area. Due to this reason, the sludge bed needs to be re-cultivated by a suitable manner preventing pollution of the surroundings. Re-cultivation of the sludge bed of the size of the slag-ask mixture sludge bed in Vojany is financially very demanding.

Due to this reason, there was a project executed in 2018 determining the most suitable re-cultivation alternative from the financial viewpoint and complying with all legislative requirements for the sludge bed closing. Results of the project will be translated into the updated work plan for the EVO sludge bed.