Business model

Sustainability means creation of value. Business should be successful today, guarantee its continuity for the close future and develop competitive advantage in the long-term perspective. Sustainable business for Slovenské elektrárne means to keep these objectives contributing to economic, environmental and social aspects.

Business model

Sustainability is integrated into our processes and is reflected in Company’s commitment to:

  • health, safety and reliability;
  • operational excellence;
  • financial stability;
  • continuous improvement;
  • responsible supply chain;
  • quality;
  • resource efficiency;
  • environmental management;
  • innovation.
  • Slovenske Elektrarne guarantees Sustainability of the existing operations and introduces new business models focused on energy efficiency.

Archilede HPEnergy efficiency projects allow Slovenské elektrárne to enable our customers to make significant savings in energy consumption, to reduce CO2 emissions and to enhance safety, security and life quality.

Through energy efficiency we guarantee sustainable development not only of Slovenské elektrárne business, transforming it from a commodity supplier to a provider of energy services built around the retail sale of electricity, but also to our clients increasing their sustainability.

Energy efficiency for Slovenské elektrárne is expressed in the LED lightning, solutions for cooling and heating, heat recovery, compressed air and other services.

We commit also to development of e-mobility. CO2 free concept can be successfully implemented in Slovakia thanks to almost 92% emission free Nuclear generation of Slovenské elektrárne and the use of electric automobiles taking energy from this generation.

BMW i3 charging at EnelWe not only increase our own fleet, but promote this concept in the Country installing charging stations. Till the half of 2015, charging from these stations helped to save 3 047 kg of CO2.

Innovation and Energy Efficiency also means to build a new culture for new generations that will perceive responsible and effective use of energy as the only possible way of consumption.